The efficacy of magnesium patch

Innovation by Biomaterial

Natural Magnesium from Nature,
Magnesium Patch deliver Bioactive Essential Minerals deep into the skin.

Magnesium is an essential element to your health and well-being.
Did you know information on the link between magnesium and skin problems?



Magnesium is a bioabsorbable metal that provides health benefits without any drawbacks.


Magnesium Miracle for Skin Problems

• Improving all pimples from whitehead to cystic pimples
• Removing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots
• Microneedling Results: Increasing the effectiveness of active ingredients in cosmetics
and overcoming the protective barrier.
• Essential element-based material : 99% pure magnesium, biodegradable, drug-free, non-drying
• Clinically proven to significantly reduce blemishes, wrinkles and pores.

Megnesium Needle -

•Technology that allows ingredients to be delivered and absorbed deep into the epidermis without dissolving on the outside.The ingredient takes a long time to act on the affected area..Effects as soon as you attach the patch to the Acne.

Micro Needle -

•Technology that absorbs and delivers active ingredients the moment they touch the skin. The time it takes for the ingredient to act on the affected area is short.

How deeply do the needles

penetrate the skin?

Those pointed tips are an essential part of the technology needed for deep skin penetration and absorption. It’s the key to getting rid of those pimples faster. But fear not, it doesn’t hurt, and it won’t cause any damage to your skin.

Product Comparison


Trouble Line

1. Precision Treatment with US Patented Magnesium MicroDart Technology: Experience unprecedented skincare precision with our Magnesium Micro Spot Care Patch.

 2. Versatile Acne and Dark Spot Solution: Combat acne, stubborn dark spots, and cystic breakouts confidently.

 3. Ingrown Hair Solution with Hydrocolloid: Unleash the potential of our patented patch to effectively combat ingrown hairs. Gentle microdart exfoliation combines with self-dissolving elements, relieving ingrown hair discomfort for smoother, more comfortable skin.

 4. Conquer Cystic Acne: Tackling cystic acne is effortless with the Magnesium Micro Spot Care Patch.

 5. Illuminate Dark Spots: Bid farewell to dark spots with our patented patch, gradually lightening and reducing their appearance.